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What are the benefits of plant products? And why are they „stressful”?

It is a fact that for some time an increasingly advanced trend in nutrition is reaching for products of plant origin.

According to the food supply recommendations, eating vegetables and fruits brings many benefits (which is supported by the activities of the ART OF NUTRITION). We have been learning for several years that you should eat vegetables because they are healthy. There is some truth to all this, it is not the whole truth.

It is worth getting to know phytochemicals – compounds of plant origin that use pharmacological properties that support metabolic processes, including the action of hormones and enzymes.

Recent studies show that phytochemicals have the ability to act on our genes and influence their effectiveness. This means that the ingredients contained in vegetables have the ability to activate genes that inhibit the development of many diseases, including the formation and genes associated with the disease. Phytochemicals in themselves are not a support for the functioning of the human body, because they are not a building material of brain cells, muscles or bones. Their absence causes deficiency effects.

Since then, phytochemicals are mobilizing the body to produce, thanks to which to defend against disease-induced reactions, injuries or performance.

An example is the content of glucosinolates, isothiocyanates and sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts. A particular sulforaphane is specified in a large amount, and these compounds act on the transcription factor Nrf2, affecting the activity of many genes.

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